Thanks to Activia, we all know the difference between “good” bacteria AND “bad” bacteria…right? Great. So we’re all together here on page 1. Now let me see if I can’t knock your socks off with some more basic but mind-bending facts (at least to me) that may just make you angry, confused and determined to make a big change during this winter’s cold and flu season.

Continuing my way through the latest Skinny book I mentioned earlier, I came across the section on a “sick rumor” about bacteria, regarding the use of antibacterial gels. You know, the stuff you squirt on your hands because it’s faster than washing them (otherwise known as hand sanitizer)? Maybe you have a bottle on your desk, or you work somewhere that has those little bottles hanging from the walls everywhere that shoot out a foul-smelling foam? Now let’s keep the plain English going. This is “anti” “bacterial” gel. Right? Right. You’re still with me. I can feel it.

Cold and Flu Season

But you know that when you catch a cold or the flu, you’re catching a virus…right?

Ding ding ding! You must be as befuddled as I was when I first saw the light.

I’d heard about the potential dangers of antibacterial gels in the sense that they could contribute to the formation and spread of “superbugs,” but in all honesty, that always seemed so far-removed and “that won’t happen to me.” I mean, I’m taking it a bit more seriously now, but what really gets me here is how duped I feel by a $45 billion industry that’s actually making us sicker, not keeping us healthy like they’re trying to make us think!

So my message today is short and sweet: Freecycle that hand sanitizer, baby, or at least stop using it so psychotically because you think the snot running down your niece’s nose won’t “get you” that way. It’s a virus, sweet pea. Save the hand sanitizer for the diaper bag, wash your hands more often (with soap!) and stop contributing to what could end up being a major health crisis during our time. Stay healthy with all my latest tips and tricks and you won’t wind up in the hospital — where MRSA first cropped up, due to a built-up resistance to what? Antibacterial cleansing wipes. Doesn’t get much more convoluted than that, now, does it?

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